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Regatta Tropicals, Ltd. is a California wholesale fresh tropical fruit corporation owned solely by Steve Matych and his wife Teresa Barnes-Matych. The fruit company was formed in 1992 and was an offshoot of another company Steve formed in 1983 called Coast-to-Coast Produce Inc. Regatta’s main office is located in Grover Beach, California where they have a full-time staff of 10 employees. Seasonally Regatta will employ up to 180 people during peak periods when repacking and restyling of the tropical fruit products they market is necessary.

Regatta markets fruit for up to 20 California growers, farms 60 acres of black mission figs in Maricopa, Arizona, and imports fruit from Chile, Peru, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, and Italy. Our fruit is distributed to chain stores, food service companies, and wholesalers across the United States and Canada. In addition, Regatta has exported tropical fruit products over the years (directly or through export brokers) to Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Europe. Regatta is primarily a marketing company and contracts most of their packing and cold storage out to facilities in California, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Miami.

Regatta owns and operates a sophisticated repacking and grading machine to repack cherries in a seasonally rented facility near Grover Beach, California. This operation repacked and restyled almost 1200 pallets (60 truckloads) of cherries from Chile, Australia, and New Zealand in previous seasons during the months of December through March. The repacked/restyled cherries are shipped to retailers across the US and Canada.

Lastly, Regatta Tropicals is considered one of the premier marketers of Fuyu and Hachiya persimmons in California! Not only are we one of the largest volume fruit marketers in California, we are also revered as packing several of the cleanest labels in the business! The largest percentage of acreage exists between Wasco, California and Fresno, California with newly added growers in the Yuba City and Gridley, California areas. With over 500,000 packages produced between October and December, we can easily be the one and only call you need to make on this unique commodity!